It all started with an immigrant. A man from the island of Jamaica, that like most, wanted a chance at the American dream. In the early 2000’s Kerith Holloway, journeyed from the tiny Caribbean island to South Florida on a quest to create a better life for himself and family. Harsh realities set in as Kerith soon realized that the American dream was not so easy to come by.

Humble beginnings were short lived as Kerith’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to think outside the box, or at least outside of the Uber that he taxied. He consulted with his brother, an experienced tobacco farmer in Connecticut, about the possibility of creating his own brand of “grabba” style tobacco product.

After extensive research on the tobacco industry
Kerith realized that the quality of tobacco in the United States was sub-par. He found that most manufacturers elected to use harsh preservatives to maintain their supply. He identified a niche within the roll your own tobacco market and set out to create a brand of natural “grabba” style tobacco.

Within two years of inception
Fire, became a major name in the industry as it made quality a priority. Kerith always maintained that he’d rather sell a quality product to a few, than a sub-par product to many. With grass roots, guerilla style efforts, he established a loyal following of what he calls “Fire Fam”. Fire ignited a movement; a following of socially conscious, forward thinking, and inspired individuals.

The fire brand has evolved beyond our signature tobacco products. We have expanded into the worlds of fashion, music, and entertainment to capture the culture of our loyalist and our #FIREFAM…

Light The Fire, Smoke The Best, Live The Fire Lyfe.